Friday list: 2 November 2012

What I want the list to say:

  • relax, sleep and read

What the list really says:

  • Trim notebooks
  • Sew bags
  • Take new stock that’s arrived at my house to Craft Country
  • Order for an Australian stockist
  • Make a new pencil menu for Craft 2.0
  • Photograph new pencils
  • List new pencils on Felt
  • Make signage for Craft 2.0
  • Pack for Craft 2.0
  • Make dinner


7 Responses to Friday list: 2 November 2012

  1. thismumrocks says:

    LOVE the quilt!! Is that a print or hand stitched?

    • tomandemma says:

      It says embroidery on Pinterest (where I found the image) – its from Urban Outfitters. If you click the image and keep clicking you’ll get to the original site.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love the pic as well. My list isn’t relaxing as last weeks either-
    1- take 11yr old daughter for x-ray for injured knee from doing high jump at school yesterday.
    2- take said daughter back to school.
    3- go home and do some office work.
    4-go back to school and help sort out the clothes stall for tonights Gala at school (this could be the fun part of the day!)
    5- come home and do more chores……
    6 – Actually go to the twilight Heathcote Valley School Gala..which should be good , it is a lovely little school…

  3. Julie Broadhead says:

    That does sound a busy day. Hope you have a good day tomorrow at the Fair, and can “relax, sleep and read” on Sunday!

  4. Katie says:

    Looking forward to visiting Craft 2.0 tomorrow 🙂 Best of luck getting organised and packed for it 🙂

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