A day at the Clareville A&P Show

Today Tom and I took another agricultural outing – this time to the Clareville Wairarapa A&P Show. I’m telling you this now because the show is on tomorrow too and it’s well worth the trip ($10 for an adult, $5 for kids and there’s family passes too).

Clareville is just past Carterton. We spent a good couple of hours at the show but a family with kids could easily spend much longer – there was so much to see and do and much of it was free demonstrations and animals. If you took a picnic lunch it would be a great cheap day out.

I love the competition section of the show – the hall was filled with entries and the tables unfortunately covered with chicken wire, which made for difficult but for interesting photos.

One of the best things is that many of these wonderful home bakers had won boxes of cake mix as their prizes. Hilarity.

Here’s my ultimate spread: lemon honey/lemon curd/lemon cheese (depending on where you live)…

At the front, right of the photo below are two eggs acting out a scene from Star Wars.

The carnies were out in force with lots of games, lights and “roll up roll up”. Tom and I learnt we were average, not sharp shooters and that we probably need to rethink our approach to the zombie apocalypse.

I liked the look of the ghost trains best with their ghoulish features.

We spent ages on a grassy knoll watching woodchopping and then an amazing flying disc demonstration – where guys with chainsaws walk around and around a free-standing log chopping discs off it. It was both intriguing and terrifying waiting for them to get dizzy and cut through a leg (didn’t happen).

The animals were my favourite part – we saw small pigs, horses, a giant black pig, hairy bulls, sheep and cows (my favourite). I’m not sure we were allowed into the cow enclosure so I quickly took my photo then backed out before anyone noticed we knew nothing about farming.


2 Responses to A day at the Clareville A&P Show

  1. Woohoo! Looking forward to some Wairarapa good times soon!

  2. Amanda says:

    Yes, it is A and P show time around the country isn’t it, love the cow photo, she looks sweet , and there seems to be some serious talking going on in the background!

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