Friday list: 26 October 2012

  • Buy our Christmas flights to Invercargill (After just spending $1200 I’m convinced these will be on grabaseat tomorrow since the plane was super empty when I went through and booked my seats. If you see a better deal then I NEVER WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT
  • Write an important blog post on my new Emma Makes blog
  • Post a couple of aprons I’ve got to a friend in Christchurch who loved them (I was just going to cut them up)
  • Take Home Sewn to the library – sometimes I give my review copies to the local library to save them money
  • Sew bags for Craft 2.0 – it’s not ideal to realise you’ve only got about three shoulder bags in stock to take to a fair
  • Make notebooks – I’ve got to the point where I have no stock of some designs, which means making them before work when people order them. Last year this approach lead to a craft knife through the thumb.
  • Design a new notebook
  • Send Lynn’s birthday present (instead of just carrying it around in my bag)
  • Tidy the shoe basket at the back door
  • Take some photos for upcoming blog posts
  • Write a couple of upcoming blog posts for my Emma Makes blog
  • Go to the Post Office


9 Responses to Friday list: 26 October 2012

  1. Sounds like a super day!

    See my blog for my Friday list. Essentially:

    1. Breathe
    2. Rest
    3. Try not to FREAK OUT.

  2. lynnjtaylor says:

    I especially like one of those items on your to do list, lol. I’m off on a short road trip to Oamaru for the day – lots of good op shopping and coffee planned. But didn’t like what you had to pay for flights- that is terrible.

  3. Amanda says:

    My birthday today….my list for today is –
    1. Op shops to look for a skirt
    2. Lyttleton book shop to pick up my magazine, (best range of magazines in NZ)
    3. Admire the beautiful pink vase that my 11yr daughter and hubby got me from The Busy Finch ( you know her!) (purchased from Portico, the best shop in Lyttleton).

  4. lynnjtaylor says:

    LOl, I know the Busy Finch! She also had a work in the Wearable Arts Show.

  5. Heather says:

    Love that I made it onto you list! Hannah and I both love the aprons. Made our week!

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