A country school fair

One of the things we love about Featherston (there are many) is that within a minutes drive we’re in the country.  And one of the best country places to be is the South Featherston School Fair, which we went to on Saturday.

It’s the kind of fair we had as kids (although there was no sand saucer* competition) – raffles, white elephant, secondhand books and calf and lamb competitions.

Tom and I bought raffles (we’re hoping to win the wheelbarrow and gardening vouchers), rummaged around the secondhand stuff, ate bacon and egg sandwich (Tom) and shaved ice (me) then sat in the sun and watched the calf judging.

The calves were beautiful** and one naughty lamb got free of its child owner and ran around the paddock mischievously while we quietly cheered it on.

We returned home with yellow pansies to be potted at the back door and a great pile of rhubarb for stewing.

The fair is around this time every year and well worth a quick visit if you’re over this way.

*At primary school we always entered the sand saucer competition and we almost always made them at the last possible minute before school started. My brother (and probably me) would be running around grabbing stuff from the garden while Mum said, “you should have been doing this last night Jacob.” This was the exact scenario every single year. For at least six years.

**I couldn’t photograph the calves without their child owners and since the photos would end up here I didn’t think that was fair on the kids.


8 Responses to A country school fair

  1. Amanda says:

    That could have been my Primary school fair 35+ years ago! I always entered the sand saucer competition and loved making minature scenes and making sure I had completely filled the entire saucer with flowers etc from mums garden……and even thou’ we didn’t live on a farm , one year I ‘borrowed’ a calf and entered the show with it ( I would have been about 7) and I remember my Dad had to help me lead it down the main street to school with a bucket of milk in front of it just to get it into the school grounds! Such great memories! And to this day, I love going to country school fairs for these very reasons.

    • tomandemma says:

      One thing we learnt about calves on Saturday is that they only move when they want to move! Very funny. When I was in Std 4 I had to petition the school to let me enter the Form 2 girls sponge baking competition, which I cooked in our coal range. That makes me sound about 100…

  2. Amanda says:

    If you are 100 if think I must be coming up 120??? !!!

  3. Ellen says:

    Did your sponge win Emma ? I do feel deliciously vicarious reading this post. I remember being a muddled 5 year old not understanding what on earth we were doing making tiny beach gardens and carrying them carefully to the school hall… until this moment you and Amanda give me a title and tradition. ‘sandsaucers’! Gosh sometimes I wish traditions were better explained.

    • tomandemma says:

      I think the sponge got second from memory. What’s funny is I made one a few years ago in an oven and Tom said it was like a plate – it was really bad and not at all spongy.

  4. Amanda says:

    Hey, I just had a late memory come in…did you also do those upside down preserving jar things with a flower bloom inside, like one big Rose or a Dahlia or similar? Not sure how we managed it, but we sort of ended up with the flower up-ended inside the jar with water and sealed, and then put on display??? I think that was for the big kids to do actually as it was quite tricky!

  5. Widge says:

    I remember rushing with my sand saucers last minute too! Or being the kid at school in the morning using up everyone’s scraps to make mine! Haha shame.
    I entered a goat in the lamb drinking race too, and he won first place. Hmmmm 😉

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