Two zombies return from Invercargill

I’m feeling like a bit like the un-dead after our weekend away. This morning we arrived at work from Invercargill so have both been up since about 4.30am although we both spent most of the flight asleep (me with my gob open).

It’s been a big weekend – a day of helping out on Friday and then a big day of wedding on Saturday (I’m sure there will be photos to follow). I even managed a bit of op-shopping on the way to pick Tom up from the airport – here’s a stack of retro sheets drying on Mum’s drying rack ready to be sewn into summer bags (hopefully in time for Craft 2.0)…

We had a fantastic time catching up with cousins, drinking more wine than we usually do in a year and eating wonderful food like crayfish and red velvet cupcakes. It’s a strange thing when all your siblings get partners and your family suddenly doubles. Strange but nice. And better still when you find out your youngest brother’s girlfriend calls him ‘Peachy’ – cue mocking.

Yesterday we drank endless cups of coffee, ate leftovers and lay about reading, napping and chatting. Here’s proof – Tom and I were watching some kind of terrible TV in this photo, the fire was on, I was probably nearing a sugar coma.

P.S. I really like this zombie photo too.


6 Responses to Two zombies return from Invercargill

  1. Amanda says:

    A sugar coma………sounds lovely!

  2. Lynn Taylor says:

    I had sheets like those pink/green ones….but at least the word retro doesn’t make me feel as old as antique would. Sounds like Southern Hospitality was at its best – to be expected if your Mum was involved in sorting the food.

  3. Tony says:

    Peachy!!!!! That really is worth a good mocking. But what a nice girl.

  4. Rose says:

    Why have I only found out about Peachy now! Although given the state of me and Ed on the night, I highly doubt any teasing of Izy would have been comprehendable….. At least I haven’t been cut from the inheritance.

  5. Jeannie (Mum ) says:

    An amazing and very special weekend. I loved having all my children and partners all home together. Im still washing !

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