Need a book recommendation?

People always ask me for book recommendations so here’s a few really good books (five star reads) I’ve read recently. They’re all pretty current so shouldn’t be difficult to find in New Zealand.

  The Owl that Fell from the Sky
by Brian Gill
Published by Awa Press

Read this if you like short, true stories, New Zealand history, non-fiction, collecting or have ever worked in a museum.

  Life: An Exploded Diagram
by Mal Peet
Published by Walker Books

Read this if you like interesting coming of age stories that aren’t twee or teach you life lessons. A great family story that also combines really interesting 1960s history.

  The Forrests
by Emily Perkins
Published by Allen & Unwin

Read this is you love really descriptive, literary writing that is like poetry. Don’t read it if you’re over 50 (in my straw poll nobody over 50 has enjoyed this book. Still, you never know – you might be the first).

by Jonathan Franzen
Published by  Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Epic American family story that contains sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and the environment.

  Gillepsie and I
by Jane Harris
Published by Faber & Faber

A historical family drama that is incredibly addictive with a great twist.

The Hut Builder
by Laurence Fearnley
Published by Penguin

Don’t be put off by the blokey ugly cover, this is a fantastic book especially if you’ve ever spent any time near Mount Cook.


3 Responses to Need a book recommendation?

  1. Sandra says:

    I recently started following you and really enjoy your blog. Thanks for something different in the book list, I am always on the Lookout for new books. I think I’m going to try life in an exploded diagram.
    Cheers Sandra

  2. Hi Emma That is interesting that overs 50s that you know haven’t enjoyed The Forrests as I concur! Maybe it is a bit close to many of our lives and we are also at the age when we are living through our parents getting dementia and dying so the last few chapters were just too sad even if the writing is admirable in a literary sense. Much better to admire your beautiful dress, I hope you have a lovely time at your brother’s wedding.

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