Tom’s compost lecture

Compost heaps are amazing things, they can turn pretty much turn any plant matter into soil including cloth, rubber and wood. As long as you aren’t throwing meat scraps or dairy into them they will take on all comers. If you care for them.

Caring for them does not mean just throwing things in and digging it out every couple of years. Caring for them does not mean treating them like a giant open air food scraps bin.

Caring for them means something like this – caring for them requires work.

If you don’t care for your compost then it can still handle most normal kitchen waste – vege peelings, fruit that’s gone off, the optimistically purchased cabbage that you can no longer stand to look at.

But it can’t handle unusual stuff like cloth, rubber, wood etc. It likes a bit of paper but not a folded up newspaper. Tear it up and mix it in. It likes a bit of ash but no a whole bucket dumped on top and left. Scatter it over in between loads from the kitchen.

You don’t have to care for your compost, but if you don’t, don’t expect it to be like the ones on the compost blogs.


3 Responses to Tom’s compost lecture

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh yes, it is a real art…but the result can be quite rewarding! And have you got a Worm Farm….? I love my little worms, and give them lots of little wormy composty treats!

  2. toastandcupcakes says:

    We use ours a little like a rubbish bin over winter, and then care for it a bit more over Summer. I find though, that it breaks everything down so quick that we never really end up with much actual compost – guess I need to add more leaves/grass/paper etc to bulk it up..

    • Ellen says:

      Thank You, this lecture is perfect, currently my compost is slime. I think also giving a poignant pet name to my compost heap (Lila after my dead great aunt) I will treat it better. Like a cat. Thank You.

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