Planting the spring vegetables

I spent the entire weekend in roman sandals – it was so sunny and warm and a real boost to morale. On Saturday I lolled about in the sun at my friend Lucy’s impromptu birthday party and yesterday Tom and I planted out the spring vege garden.

We have a rule at our house that you’re only allowed to buy plants if you’ve prepared the place they’re going. With the waist-high weeds tended to (thanks to Tom) we were good to go. I built bean teepees and a tomato structure and Tom distributed the compost in between lecturing me about what should and shouldn’t be in the compost because it hadn’t broken down.

It was HOT as we worked although we were rewarded with short bursts of lying on the grass in the sun and occasionally the wind blew petals off the blossom tree creating some kind of strange gardening wedding effect.

Afterwards I made this little Super 8 film of the garden, or as Tom calls it “your hipster video.” You can’t tell from the footage but we now have tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, coriander, beans, beetroot, radishes, cucumber, lettuce and rocket. We’ll plant dwarf beans and pumpkin later once it’s warmer.


3 Responses to Planting the spring vegetables

  1. Ellen says:

    Yesterday a lovely lady walked in to the gallery and had your bag slung on one shoulder and a baby on the other. Against the white walls your bag was the only piece of art on the ground floor as it is exhibition changeover time. I like your bags hiding other peoples daily importance inside. So art. I really like your super 8 video because super 8 to me is ultimate family video format and planting your DIY vege garden is apt ( nothing hipster about whanau ?)
    I hope you could regurgitate the don’t compost this and that lecture however.

    • tomandemma says:

      That’s really funny because Sarah (the lovely lady) wrote me a comment on Facebook last night to say she’d met you. And as a special treat Tom has written up the compost lecture – although it was more yelled piece by piece across the garden when it was originally delivered.

  2. […] example, I can see that the spent summer veges and weeds I pulled out of the garden this weekend once looked like this. I can see that our collection of baskets were once filled with colourful flowers (in the weekend I […]

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