Stuck in the tunnel with you

Part of the train trip we take to work each day involves eight minutes at high speed in a tunnel. The tunnel is 8km long; I’ve heard the story about the time a carriage caught fire in there and know that most commuters carry a torch with them and one of my greatest commuting fears is being stuck in there.

Tom signed us up to be stuck in the tunnel last Sunday as part of an evacuation practice and I loved it.

Us, some other commuters, a bunch of trainspotters and annoying kids and Dads were driven 1km in and then had to walk out.

This is the track inside the tunnel lit up with glowsticks. The tiny circle at the end is the tunnel entrance.

We loved being in the tunnel. It smelt dusty and was quite safe and much MUCH wider that I’d ever thought it would be. Walking out was easy and the Dads with their really loud, bad jokes and the annoying kids did a great job simulating what a real-life evacuation would be like.

See how happy we are? We’d just reached the entrance.

Then it rained. And rained. And we waited around and I wished I’d downloaded Scrabble onto my phone. We were well looked after with hot drinks and food a plenty and people found their own entertainment…

This man spent a long time staring at the generator. It was a real old man magnet – he was about the third one to stare at it.

By the end I was very much looking forward to getting home… as you can see by the dead “I’m had it” look in my eyes below.

Just before I became entirely catatonic the guards came through with scones and slices. Yay! Sugar rush.

I can therefore happily report that if we ever do get stuck in the tunnel we’ll be in really good hands.


7 Responses to Stuck in the tunnel with you

  1. Amanda says:

    I can understand this tunnel fear…we have the Lyttleton tunnel here that I drive thru 2-3 times a week, only takes 5 mins, but since the EQs I have a huge fear of being in there and it coming down on us. I now speed thru, completely ignoring the 50kms limit, and would happily pay any speeding tickets, as long as I get to the other side safely!

    • tomandemma says:

      While I was in the tunnel I started to think of the mountain on top of me and earthquakes… I had to give myself a quiet talking to. When we were kids we sometimes went to Diamond Harbour and the Lyttelton tunnel was so glamorous!

  2. cphowe says:

    Hey Emma, I didn’t know you were a Scrabble fan. Although I probably could have guessed. Do you play on FB? If so we should start a game. I keep a small number running at the same time with a couple of people I know.

  3. Lynn Taylor says:

    Love the photo layouts – they share the experience so well. Nice gloves too.

  4. Ellen says:

    You and Tom make my brain laugh. If Featherston had an apocolypse/end time society, you guys would be on it, in a good way. Thanks for deviating from your list and being my coffee guinea pig ! I love the stuck-glow-sticks tunnel so much and the radiator magnet example, maybe they could see the lady in the radiator performing, courtesy of David Lynch, she is transfixing

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