The smallest things

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make your day better – especially when you’re sick and feeling sorry for yourself.

It’s unexpected snail mail – a giant postcard, a crocheted pansy and an article cut from the paper.

It’s a friend turning up with an afghan wrapped in baking paper.

It’s the man at the post office seeing you’ve used up all your energy to get there and writing out the address for you onto a courier bag so he can save you $23 in postage. “We all have days like that” he says.

It’s a friend writing a blog post just so you’ve got something to read.

It’s Tom organising your lunch before he goes to work and doing all the dishes and filling up the wood.

It’s the decent patch of sun in the lounge that’s exactly the right size for lying down in.

Painting by Sonika Monica


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