A visit to Tea Pea in Khandallah

There’s a short passage in Janet Frame’s To the Is-land where she writes in repetition about the railway stations around Kaitangata. I thought of that passage this afternoon as I traveled to Khandallah and back on the train; Ngaio, Awarua Street, Simla Crescent, Box Hill, Khandallah.

I was on the train to visit Meg at the workshop she recently opened for her business Tea Pea. Much of the best shopping in Wellington isn’t on the golden mile and Tea Pea was no different – it’s a fantastic destination just a short puff up the hill from the Simla Crescent stop. Open Wed and Fri from 9.30am – 2pm it’s well worth a visit.

Once you walk up the tree lined path you’ll find the small but perfectly formed shop – filled with Tea Pea’s famous children’s bed wear along with bakers twine, lunchboxes, nightlights, buttons, trims and ric-rac, party bags, garlands and more. I took lots of photos but there’s also a lot of other things you need to see in person – like the glowing Scotty Dog lamp.

Eftpos is coming to Tea Pea soon so for now take cash. Anything you don’t spend you can take to Dunshea’s Deli (where I ate lunch).

Tea Pea also sells online here.

A couple of notes: the second photo is a rug in the shop and not for sale. Sometimes people pay for this kind of blog post – that doesn’t happen on our blog – I just write about things I like.


3 Responses to A visit to Tea Pea in Khandallah

  1. Meg says:

    Emma, thank you. It’s wonderful to be a little neighbourhood store, as well as online. Thanks so much for visiting today, great to see you!

  2. Amanda says:

    Love reading your blogs, and the photos are so great.

  3. Divine! Wish I was closer so I could visit x

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