DIY: Make your own toner

I really enjoy reading DIYs on other blogs like A Beautiful Mess and dee*construction so thought I’d make one myself. Let me know in the comments in there’s other things you want to learn that I can teach you.

Toner is great if you’ve got combination skin or are prone to oily skin or acne. It’s easy to use (and easy to forget) and is one tiny thing that will revolutionise your skin. After you make this (it will take three minutes), use it each morning. After you wash, spray it on your face and let it settle in while you get dressed.

I use tap water and bought a bottle of manuka oil for about $20 that I’m still using (about ten toners later). Considering at it’s cheapest toner is about $10 a bottle this will save you heaps, give you great skin and stop you adding another plastic bottle to the recycling bin. 


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