Friday list: 7 September 2012

  • Put up my weather station – Tom gave it to me for my birthday TWO YEARS ago. It’s time it went up
  • Put together a present for a friend who is about to have a baby
  • Make a purse for an order – it’s a special purse for medical equipment
  • Pack up Emma Makes orders
  • Go for a walk – I hurt my calf a couple of weeks ago and have been seeing the physio. I’m now officially allowed back walking. “Walk up hills,” she said. We’ll see.
  • Trial a sugar-free version of Dee’s cordial – I’m not convinced it will become a nice syrup without the sugar though
  • Take some photos of things I want to blog about (Friday is one of the few days I’m home during daylight)
  • Write some thank you cards
  • Take a trip to the post office
  • Update my sales book; I have a very low-tech notebook for keeping records of income and expenses so I can pay my taxes.


6 Responses to Friday list: 7 September 2012

  1. You might want to leave putting up your weather station to a day that it is not blowing a frigging gale! You do not want to lose a finger from the prop spinning like an insane ferris wheel

  2. Ellen says:

    I can leave a comment even though I am not part of the internet. Very excited. How will i debut ? cue Featherston gentlemen singers always look on the bright side of.. Dear Emma is the picture above a feather-stan picture ? Warning: please don’t take your calf up lone pine hill in this weather it turns in to a goo hill. Love Ellen

  3. Gemma says:

    Try adding the same amount of splender sweetener as you would sugar. Doesnt have that horrible artifical taste, but then maybe i’m used to it.

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