Two great Wairarapa events to go to

Japanese Chor-Farmer Choir and Featherston Gentleman Singers
Our neighbour has a flagpole outside his house and likes to run up theme-based flags. Today he’s flying the Japanese flag to welcome the Japanese Chor-Farmer Choir, a group of male singers from Tokyo who visit Featherston every second year and give a concert.

Tonight Tom and I are going to hear them. The Chor-Farmer Choir will be singing at the Anzac Hall (also a big deal) at 7.30pm. They will be joined by the Featherston Gentleman Singers.

You can buy tickets for $15 each from South Wairarapa libraries, Featherston Heritage or Fell Locomotive museums, Elmo’s Bookshop in Carterton, or Aratoi in Masterton.

Carterton Daffodil Festival
This Sunday is the popular Carterton Daffodil Festival – always a great day out. There’s two parts to the festival – the fair is always a good place to eat lunch and hunt for bargains and this year it’s being held in the different location of Carrington Park.

Part two – the Daffodil picking – is held at a private house out near Gladstone and is always fantastic.  You really can’t underestimate how amazing it is to round the corner and see a field full of daffodils.

Tom at Middle Run with Daffodils


One Response to Two great Wairarapa events to go to

  1. Amanda says:

    I would love to be going to the Daffodil Festival. Funnily enough, as it happens I was up in Masterton last week from Chch unplanned as my mother was unwell and read about it and thought how nice it sounded. But, I am back in Chch now, so will not be there. We do have similar Daffodil expeditions here…one grower opens his paddocks for picking, you pay a donation and pick a bucket of blooms and like you say, the sight of rows upon rows of all sorts of daffodil varieties is great . To me it is hard to know which row to run to first!

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