Make your date a breakfast date

It can be really hard when you’re busy with work, or kids (or whatever you people get up to) to make time for friends. Thankfully social media tools and email and even sometimes snail mail make it easier to keep in touch. But face to face is always best.

Instead of trying to cram in a lunch with friends during a busy day, take my advice and try a breakfast date. Breakfast is usually a quieter time in cafes, the food is great, your body will appreciate coffee more and you’re seeing your friend before you’ve had time to gather those petty work worries that proliferate the every day.

Breakfast dates get straight to the gritty detail of interesting conversation, you’re fresh and your mind is clear and if you’re breakfasting with someone interesting then you get the bonus of a pep to your step for the rest of the day.

In Wellington you’ll find my breakfast dates mainly happening at Finc or Floriditas. Cue hipster breakfast photos…

Pancakes at Finc, Wellington

Finc Cafe, Wellington

If you’re actually dating dating someone then American talkshow host Dan Savage has some good advice for you. Have sex before dinner, not after.


5 Responses to Make your date a breakfast date

  1. That Dan Savage is a smart guy. His podcast is great. Since either my husband or I have to be home to take care of Sam in the evenings, we do lunch dates. A breakfast date is a good idea!

  2. Amanda says:

    Were those pancakes as yummy as they look…?

  3. Rhiannon says:

    That is good advice. Both the breakfast dates and the pre-dinner sex. Those are two things I need more of in my life.

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