Warding off evil spirits and other stories

Today is my birthday and I’m 35, which  seems crazy because I can clearly remember my fifth birthday, sitting up in bed getting a basket of clothes and a Daisy doll. My first memory is getting a tricycle for my third birthday – a whopping 32 years ago.

This morning was somewhat similar – sitting up in bed with Tom giving me a bicycle bell for a new bike, which I now get to go and choose. Although this time I also got whiskey and lemoncello. I’m almost certainly going to go here for the bike unless you’ve got other recommendations?

Birthday gifts were originally given to ward off evil spirits, which seems to have worked well as I’ve tripped around some op-shops today (and bought a mint condition Bunnykins cup for $2), had a nice piece of Parisian flan from The French Baker in Greytown, read some of Zadie Smith’s new book and had a nap and a snore in front of the fire.

I’m also the featured seller on Felt today – and for the next two weeks. There’s a competition at the end of the post where you can win some Emma Makes loot – don’t miss out.

I love this bike and can’t wait to see what Mamachuri bikes has for me.

Here’s what I wore – I realise my legs look like a witches legs in this photo.


12 Responses to Warding off evil spirits and other stories

  1. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    Happy birthday Emma. Sounds like you had a lovely one. May evil spirits continue to be kept away all year, and only good spirits (such as love and light and whiskey) be guided towards you.

  2. Lynn Taylor says:

    Happy birthday – sounds like it would be with bike and other shopping on the plan. Good work Tom with the bell. At first I thought you were joking about your age Emma and then I remembered, to my chagrin, that it is only old people like me who have to lie about our age. You young thing you. I don’t think of your age when I think of you cos I am always thinking of the amazing things you make, do and create.

  3. Gemma says:

    Happy birthday emma! I had a daisy doll too 🙂

  4. Happy birthday, dear friend! I too forget you are half a decade younger than me! Which Daisy did you have? I had ice-skating Daisy.

  5. deb says:

    Happy BDay,from that angle in the photo you look like you are flying … or hovering …. I come often to your blog for my daily / weekly ‘living life’ inspiration, but today I feel as I get to share with you. I have just recently replaced the rubberbands on my ice-skating daisy, and I think she is approx 35 yrs old (my current age less when I got her !!!)

    • tomandemma says:

      Maybe I am a witch? Was I flying when I took that photo? Can’t remember…

      I also can’t remember which Daisy I had but the leotard looked familiar. I did have the dining room table though, which I LOVED.

  6. Claire says:

    Happy birthday, Emma! I hope you’ve had a fantastic day. I love the look of that bike!
    x Claire

  7. tiny happy says:

    haha, witch’s legs! happy happy birthday to you, dear emma.
    i am jealous of your mamachari bike of the future- i want one too! i hope you’ll blog about it when you get it.

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