Friday list: 31 August 2012

A list in two parts today, which was quite unintentional.

Part one
Last night Tom and I made a whole lot of cupcakes – he’s taking them to work to sell to raise money for the SPCA. I slept in and Tom walked to the station. At about 7.25 the phone rang once so I got up to see what that was about… the cupcakes were still sitting in the lounge. Cue my jumping in the car only to see the lights of the crossing at the end of the street already going. Then texting and calling Tom (his phone was dead), texting a friend who also takes that train…

Tom turned up home, “I forgot the cupcakes” (you don’t say). So he dropped me off at the Craft Country shop then drove into town with the cupcakes. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Made a spring window display at the shop. The Cancer Society always makes a big thing of Daffodil Day (today) in Featherston so our display has fresh daffodils and lots of yellow and spring-like things
  • Rearranged and tidied the shop so it looks interesting for shoppers
  •  Had breakfast at The Everest Cafe
  • Started reading Gorse is Not People by Janet Frame (I got a review copy from Penguin)
  • Walked home

Part two

  • Have a shower
  • Fix my pyjamas x 2
  • Fix some of my cardigans that have come away at the shoulder seam
  • Fix a maroon dress with fish on it that I like to wear but that has a ripped seam
  • Do a couple of Emma Makes orders
  • Sew a new dress or skirt (I have some great fabric but can’t remember how much I have)
  • Trim some notebooks
  • Send in my answers and photos to Felt – I’m going to be the featured seller on Monday

This is Featherston’s famous Anzac Hall – photo by Ellen while out walking.


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