Friday list: 24 August 2012

  • Go for a walk (I’m up at 5.32am writing this list, the walk is next)
  • Finish sewing my daffodil purses – I’m making a fundraiser for The Cancer Society and will post details here
  • Photograph said purses
  • List purses on Felt
  • Fold washing mountain (AGAIN)
  • Wash some dishes
  • Wash the kitchen floor (I spilt a little dribble of oil last night and then walked through it before I noticed – now the floor is slippery town)
  • Work on my prints for the Solander Christmas show (if I don’t chip of a bit more today they won’t get done)
  • Fix the curtain rail in the lounge
  • Go and take some photos with my friend Ellen – we’re talking a few snaps to showcase my new Spring bags (others are at the photographer)
  • Answer questions for Felt – I’m going to be the next featured seller (yay)


One Response to Friday list: 24 August 2012

  1. ah the washing mountain… and you are going to be Featued Seller YAY! I look forward to reading it x

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