My love for you

One of the great things about all those podcast recommendations at the start of the year is now making new discoveries. I’d listened to ‘My Love for You‘ podcast (created by this blogger) a couple of times on the train to work and enjoyed it, which I was reminded of yesterday when I listened to a couple more while sewing.

I like art; I did my degree in Fine Arts and love discovering new work. However, I don’t like the pretension that sometimes goes with talking about art – the contest that you’re brighter because you ‘understand’ this or that. I’m more a fan of a thing well made and the pure enjoyment of pretty pictures.

‘My Love for You’ is a great podcast for discovering new artists and their work. The podcast also talks to the makers about what they do. Sure, they have ideas behind what they do but they also talk about their story as an artist and their technique. It’s so enjoyable and refreshing to hear a maker, rather than an interpreter, talking about art and I’ve often listened with my phone in my hand so I can see what they’re talking about.

Here’s a couple of favourites lately. You can get the podcast here – it’s not very timely but that suits me because I find it hard to keep up with all my weekly podcasts, so this is a nice treat.

Yesterday I listened to Lisa Condgon:

A while ago on the train I listened to Jen Stark – the work below is cut paper. I spent a lot of time just flawed by her technical mastery of a pair of scissors.


3 Responses to My love for you

  1. toastandcupcakes says:

    Most excellent. This is exactly what I need. I have, so far, only found two podcasts that I actually like. I really look forward to checking this one out – I hope it’s a keeper!

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