Friday list: 3 August 2012

Tom turned the TV on this morning and now I wonder if there’s any chance I’ll do anything but watch the Olympics? Still, here’s the list…

  • Pack Emma Makes orders and post
  • Fold washing mountain (somehow it grew back)
  • Wash the dishes
  • Take some photos for some Emma Makes advertising
  • Do some mending
  • Sew some black and red stuffed kittens
  • Do some admin stuff
  • Write a thank you card
  • Make dinner
  • Go for a walk with my friend – I have to go for two walks today to meet my exercise goal on Sunday. I’ve been away, which makes normal routines harder.
  • Make an Emma Makes catalogue for a potential stockist

This is the corsage I got made to wear to the New Zealand Post Book Awards this week. I realised the other day when I was super busy that everything can get under control for me with a really good, detailed list and a bunch of flowers.


2 Responses to Friday list: 3 August 2012

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    being away from home always makes the exercise goals harder to achieve – different routines. I am usually too lazy to follow through but I sometimes take those stretchy therabands with me – they are light and it means I can do some stretching or some resistance stuff. Also, through my Doctor I did sign up for Green Prescription to have an external person ‘keeping an eye’ – that always helps plus they have lots of neat activities you can try. P.s Love the flowers

    • tomandemma says:

      That’s a good idea – I went for a walk and a swim and the gym when I was away but then the rest of the time not so much. I did pack my exercise clothes though so there’s no excuses!

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