Friday list: 20 July 2012

A day of three parts today folks:

Part one

  • Have a sleep in (done – slept in until 7am, read some of this in bed, got up at 8am)
  • Answer emails from stockists and update sales book
  • Package Emma Makes orders
  • Send Tom off to get a float (small change, not a horse truck)
  • Pack up the car with my stuff for the fair tomorrow
  • Get paranoid about not having enough stuff
  • Potentially trim up some more notebooks
  • Make sure I have enough bags and props for tomorrow’s fair
  • Do some dishes/tidying
  • Eat lunch

Part two

  • Drive to Wellington
  • Go to Briscoes and buy a $20 garment rack
  • Have High Tea at the James Cook Hotel – I got a voucher in a recent Grab One promotion
  • Watch the new Batman movie at The Embassy

Part three

  • Drive to Palmerston North – we are staying with Tom’s Mum

Today’s photo is me and Dad in our mini circa 1981.


4 Responses to Friday list: 20 July 2012

  1. I was excited for a second that Tom was getting a horse float!

  2. Anna McCleary says:

    I like the photo Emma

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