Motivation to exercise

Tom and I have both found this year that regular exercise works well for us. It stretches your limbs, makes you fitter and calms the mind… all obvious really.

However, when it’s cold outside and you have to get up at 5am it can be hard. So Tom has invented our exercise motivation chart. Here’s how it works…

Each two-week period we set an exercise goal. Tom’s is currently around running, mine is to exercise each weekend day because that’s a time I often don’t. Of course, I’m still exercising through the week too but that’s not part of the goal. If you meet your goal you get a $25 reward of your choice that you set at the time of setting your goal. My first reward was $25 worth of flowers (I’m still to collect) and Tom’s was Hell Boy volume one.

Here’s a photo of today’s exercise for me – an atmospheric walk in the Featherston rain with my friend Ellen.


3 Responses to Motivation to exercise

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    I got motivated by your walk to the beach blog – (of course really I most interested in the food you described eating in the car, how does one stop being food obsessed?) – but anyway it motivated me to take Chris for a walk up the Bacon Track. Puff puff. No $ at the end of it though – now that’s a great idea!

  2. Julie Broadhead says:

    That is a great idea, I have always preferred the carrot to the stick!

    • tomandemma says:

      Actually you can help with this one – on Saturday I have to go to that market from 9.30-4pm and set up beforehand. That means I have to exercise AFTER when I’ll least want to so feel free to suggest a walk when I come back to your house. Emma.

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