Anatomy of a window seat

Yesterday I sewed a cover for our window seat – we’d had the squab delivered from Para Rubber a while back and I’d bought the fabric for it last week so there was only one thing left to do.

It took me a good three hours and because it was so huge it was quite difficult to sew. Against my normal judgement, Tom and I picked a beige striped fabric because the window seat gets really sunny in summer and I didn’t want it to fade out.

1. Before we divided our one giant room into three rooms, it was my studio.

2. Sewing the fabric for the window seat.

3. The window seat (it still needs to be painted).

4. Quite a lot of hand-sewing was needed along one side.

5. The window seat is huge – I can pretty much lie down along it.

6. The finished window seat squab – waiting for lots more cushions and a nice, warm day.


2 Responses to Anatomy of a window seat

  1. Julie Broadhead says:

    That looks a neat job. A nice cosy spot, I will have to come and try it out soon.

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