Emma Makes iPad covers

Back when iPads were super new, Tom had to go to Canberra for work. I can’t remember why because clearly the more important thing was buying his beloved iPad. He was probably one of the first New Zealanders to get one because they weren’t on sale here yet and being the dutiful wife I am I sewed him a cover for it.

At the time I also sewed a range of covers to sell. However, I stopped taking them to sell at craft fairs because the ratio of people with iPads to people who made dick comments about the covers/wanting an iPad was so skewed I could no longer stand it.

This weekend I took photos of six of the covers and listed them in my Felt shop, which promptly got me orders for a smartphone cover, Kindle cover and Macbook cover (which I make to order). Here’s a few photos of the iPad covers…




2 Responses to Emma Makes iPad covers

  1. thismumrocks says:

    I LOVE my Emma Makes iPad cover. I’ve had lots of compliments

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