Friday list: 22 June 2012

  • Write the blog post about our trek up Rangitoto – I still haven’t done it even though it was on last week’s list
  • Check the smoke alarms
  • Get some gravel for the potholes in our driveaway
  • Fill the potholes if it’s a fine day
  • Take some photos of fabric and email them for a couple of Emma Makes bag orders
  • Sew Emma Makes kitten toys
  • Make a couple of mixed CDs for people
  • Emma Makes invoicing, follow ups and posting
  • Add my Tim Winton audio book to my ipod – my boss came back from Australia and gave me Cloudstreet, which happens to be the exact book I’m reading at the moment
  • Potentially help my friend Lucy do some baking for a birthday party
  • Make dinner – it’s risotto (proper stuff not that crap in a box)
  • Write to Grandma

Today’s photo is me and my brother Jake. I realised looking at these old photos that I can exercise all I like but my legs are always going to be solid.


5 Responses to Friday list: 22 June 2012

  1. My Friday list today is just: get through work (meeting I’m not looking forward to happening today), collect children from school, eat fish and chips, watch Graham Norton. 😉

  2. Yes – those smoke alarms do not check themselves…. Remember to write the month/year of installation on a new battery with a Vivid. Decent 9v batteries should last at least a year.

    • tomandemma says:

      Oh that’s a good idea – I can’t remember the last time I checked them so I think a round of all new batteries and starting your idea today is the best plan.

  3. Jeannie ( Mum ) says:

    Sitting at San Fransico airport ready to fly home after being away for a month this photo of two of my precious children brought tears to my eyes. It seems like yesterday !

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