Friday list: 15 June 2012

What I really want to do today is stay in bed, which is exactly why I write the Friday list – so I’ll get up and get things done. I’ve just made a fresh pot of coffee and here’s what I’m up to today:

  • Photograph new Emma Makes stuffed kittens – I’ve been making these over the week for an order going to Christchurch’s General Store
  • Photograph some new pencils and add them to my online shop
  • Post off an Emma Makes order
  • Dry and put away the dishes – Tom was super kind and did them last night for me so I wouldn’t have to*
  • Eat iron pill
  • Photograph iPad covers and add a couple to my online shop
  • Work on some half-finished ukulele covers (this and the item above is about putting out stuff that’s currently just in my studio)
  • Take some new leather elbow patches to the Craft Country shop
  • Write up the blog posts about our Auckland trip – they’re half done
  • Get a massage at 10.30am
  • Work on some (potential) new Emma Makes wool skirts – I’ll post photos once they’re done.

*The division of labour at our house is Tom: cooking and me: cleaning.

IMAGE: Family camping photo.


5 Responses to Friday list: 15 June 2012

  1. Emma Makes wool skirts?? Yusss! Teacher-only day here, so me and the boys are chillin’….I’m working up the energy to take them out somewhere to break up the day a bit. x H

  2. Tony says:

    Todays historic photo was taken at what was the AA motor camp in Hanmer Springs. Of particular interest is the vehicle towing the boat, a Trekka.The boat was wooden with a MK2 Zephyr motor (I think) and had a really cool name – Chiwawa!

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