Highlights from our trip to Auckland

Tom and I have just tonight returned from a five day/four night trip to Auckland. We went to see Lady Gaga on Thursday night (fabulous) and had a busy and rewarding time away.

I’ll definitely write separate posts about the food we ate (and our recommendations) and our trip to Rangitoto but for now here’s some pictoral highlights.

Here’s the crowd waiting for Lady Gaga – we all sat on the ground until the opening act started. Some people had really gone to town on their costumes, which was fantastic.

The Auckland Art Gallery was incredible – we spent a very happy two hours there marvelling at all sorts of wonders from the building to the pieces on show. This sculpture is huge and right out the front of the building.

This is the view from the top of Rangitoto. After a 55 minute constant uphill climb you can’t imagine the joy I had taking this photo from the summit. Can you spot the Sky Tower in the distance?

One of the great things about walking around a city you don’t live in is that you notice stuff. This lovely mural was on Tyler Street, near the Britomart.

This trip I finally made it to the wintergarden. Tom and I walked over from our apartment this morning before we caught the bus to the airport. I could have quite happily fallen asleep sitting on the park bench inside the giant leaves of the steamy hot house.

Everything in the wintergarden looked so healthy. That’s probably the difference a team of dedicated gardeners makes.


3 Responses to Highlights from our trip to Auckland

  1. carol says:

    it was awesome to see you guys!!! 🙂 you’ve totally inspired me to do the Rangiototo climb…uhh…soon…

  2. Julie Broadhead says:

    Great photos Emma, looking forward to hearing more. It was many years back, but I too remember the feeling of triumph on reaching the top of Rangitoto.

  3. lynnjtaylor says:

    such good photos – can imagine you making prints out of the wintergarden ones.

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