It seemed so normal at the time…

I recently found this great post of 50 Unexplainable Black and White photos. While looking through those old family photos I came up with a few of my own…

Why is this woman using a table as a sailing boat?

Are these kids flying or reenacting the Jonestown Massacre?

Where is the ‘after’ photo from Grandad’s spacesuit bong night? You probably can’t read it but his NASA badge says National Alcoholic Soaks Assn.

Where in New Zealand is this dragon? I think that’s Dad inside it’s mouth.


4 Responses to It seemed so normal at the time…

  1. Tony says:

    Yes, that is your father. It would have been in the North Island somewhere. The Jonestown massacre is actually sidecar racing. Very vivid imaginations before playstation etc.

  2. BabyVessel says:

    I have a photo of my grandfather in drag. I bet our grandpa’s would’ve got along just fine.

  3. txtilegrl says:

    2nd photo down: kids starting the trend of “planking “, unfortunately this is new Zealand and it takes 30 years to take off

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