A big day in Featherston

This morning Tom and I got up early for a brisk walk around Featherston. Like many mornings this week it was cold and frosty but clear so we opted to walk into the country, away from the street lights, to see the stars better.

There’s not much doing in Featherston around 5.30am and it was pitch black on the country road when we saw headlights in the distance.

As it came closer we could see the headlights belonged to a tiny car that seemed to stop, then start up again and then stop just ahead of us. ‘Paper delivery’ we agreed. The bearded driver rolled down the window and I said hello. I always say hello to other people in the mornings – it seems friendly.

“WATCH OUT” he yelled.

‘Nutter’ we both thought.

‘There’s a bull on the road.’

‘Oh, okay’, we said.

‘It’s about 40 metres in front of you.’

Being pitch black we couldn’t see a thing but decided now was a great time to turn around and walk back into town. I saw the bull as another car approached it just standing near the side of the road and definitely not something I’d like to run into.

I texted this story to Mum who is in Mexico. She wrote back, “big day in Featherston then.”

Mr Roberts’s bull from The National Library of Wales collection on Flickr.


2 Responses to A big day in Featherston

  1. Gemma says:

    That had my husband and i in tears of laughter. Thank you!

  2. Julie Broadhead says:

    Certainly had me laughing as well.

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