Vegas baby!

Today my brother Tom and his fiancee Anna are getting married – I’m attending the wedding in my weekend clothes and Tom will be in his pajamas. They’re getting married in Vegas and we’re watching via video – it’s an exciting day for our family as it’s my first sibling to get married.

Our last family wedding was ours, which was over ten years ago. Mum, Dad, another brother and Tom and Anna’s friends are right now all ready and waiting and I’m watching the countdown clock on their wedding page like a hawk… here’s where the ceremony will be held:

They’re going to have a party for everyone in October in Southland and we’ll definitely be at that one!


3 Responses to Vegas baby!

  1. Yay for Vegas weddings! And I love that they have a video link for everyone to watch. I wish we could have had that at ours. Hope they have an awesome day.

  2. […] heading to Southland for my brother’s wedding. Technically he’s already married – Tom and Anna got married in Vegas earlier this year so this weekend is a delayed wedding reception and […]

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