Friday list: 18 May 2012

Last week I got a cheque from IRD because I’d overpaid my student loan. It was only $43 but Tom said that to celebrate my final repayment EVER I should buy myself something nice.

I bought an apron – a really great one made by Atticus Finch of Nelson, which we sell in the Craft Country shop. You can see some work-in-progress apron shots here. I plan to wear it around the house while sewing/mucking about. Like today:

  • Do the dishes – between my sore back, a busy week and staying in Wellington last night they need to be done
  • Fold washing mountain
  • Vacuum
  • Organise my wardrobe – it’s just piles of stuff in there and I’m sure I’ll find forgotten treasure
  • Clean out the fire
  • Bring in more wood
  • Dusting
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Trim down some notebooks for an order – again, something I couldn’t do with a bad back
  • Pack up a couple of other orders
  • Take a walk to the Post Office
  • Make a Mexican Fiesta for dinner (it’s just Mexican food but saying Fiesta sounds more exciting)
  • Put flowers around the house – in Autumn and Winter I like to pick things from the garden like rosemary, lemons and other free things we grow

P.S. If I had a baby I’d buy it this.


4 Responses to Friday list: 18 May 2012

  1. Sounds like a productive, set-you-up-for-the-weekend day. I’m not working until later so today I have a sick Magnus at home, we went to Riding for the Disabled earlier and I got lots of cool photographs of him riding, now I’m drinking coffee and working up enough ‘hate’ to do a couple of hours of house cleaning, then I’ll pick up feijoas and make a crumble for the boys for dinnner, I also want to tidy the sleepout so I can start making things for Craft Country! So many piles, so many…

  2. Lynn Taylor says:

    Oh those aprons are lovely – the bits of embroidery – yum yum. Yes, tiny cute baby clothes can even trick you into wanting a baby – those rompers are pretty persuading! Glad it sounds like your back is improving. Well my Friday list (since you inspire me to do one) included a gym session, picked up some dvd’s so its going to be a night by the fire, print a blue/green square as part of a bigger print and a quick op shop (most enjoyable as hadn’t been in one for a few days) Oh and Petra say thanks – she got an email from Tom’s cousin. 🙂

    • tomandemma says:

      Great! That email only took about a year to sort out. Housework seemed to take all bloody day so you definitely had the better list today. Any good op shop finds?

  3. lynnjtaylor says:

    small leather suitcase ($8) for me and some rust/red wool ($15) for Petra – she is currently looking up vintage patterns on the internet – thinking of an Aran Sweater from Also yesterday I got some kindling from Restore Sarah – it is much cheaper and they snap up wood from building demolition I guess into little shapes – good because it is so dry. Dunedin’s fabric sale at Burns hall is on the horizon too!

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