Going flat out

For the last couple of days I’ve been flat out on my back in bed after pulling a muscle. I’ve done it once before and it hurts like heck – then people ask you what amazing vigorous activity you were doing to cause such damage…

I was making breakfast.

Tom’s first thought was that my gall bladder has magically grown back such was my breathlessness, hunched-over posture and inability to talk.

For the last two days this has been my view… thankfully I had a brand new copy of The Forrests by Emily Perkins to hand, which is brilliant. I’ve got about four pages to read on the train home and then I’m done – it’s a five star read of beautiful, descriptive writing, which I’d recommend to fans of Rain (Kirsty GunnOwls Do Cry (Janet Frame) and A Boy and his Uncle (Anne Kennedy).


One Response to Going flat out

  1. Youch – poor Emma. Get well soon. x

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