Friday list: 4 May 2012

I’ve got one of those days where there’s lots to do and the list is long and I’m feeling that I should have maybe done some of these already. I’m also going to Palmerston North today for the craft fair tonight in the library from 6-9pm. It’s a list in three parts today:

At home – before going to Palmerston North

  • Wash the dishes and tidy the kitchen
  • Clean out the fire
  • Bring in wood and set the fire for when Tom gets home
  • Pack an overnight bag
  • Measure the window seat that needs a squab – P.N. is the closest town to us with a Para Rubber and I was some squabs
  • Take a photo of the window seat
  • Pack swimming gear
  • Pack yoga gear
  • Take a purse to the Craft Country shop that a customer has ordered
  • Buy some milk and something for Tom’s dinner
  • Bank a cheque
  • Pack up my craft stuff for the fair
  • Check my float for the fair
  • Tidy out my bag – the other day I found scissors and a Featherston stamp in there
  • Pack iPhone charger

On the way to Palmerston North

  • Pick up afternoon tea at The French Baker
  • Pick up brooches from a friend to sell at the fair
  • Stop in at Hope & Glory in Greytown – they’re closing on Sunday
  • Go for a swim at the Masterton pool
  • Eat lunch at Entice cafe – I always order the spinach and pine nut filo + a long black
  • Stop at the Family Store in Pahiatua

In  Palmerston North

  • Go to Para Rubber
  • Go to Arthur Toye to look for glitter fabric
  • Visit the Arts Recycling Centre if there is time
  • Visit Julie (Tom’s Mum) for afternoon tea
  • Set up my stall at the craft fair at 5pm

May the fourth be with you

P.S. This week I started using Teux Deux so EVERYTHING here in on that list too including ‘blog the Friday list’, which I’ll now cross off.

3 Responses to Friday list: 4 May 2012

  1. What’s the glitter fabric for? Sad about Hope & Glory, too!

  2. […] seems ages since I wrote last week’s Friday list. Here’s what I’m doing […]

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