A work in progress

On Friday, and over the weekend, I started working on some new notebooks. I recently bought a new printer, which came with a scanner, and wondered if I could do some drawings, ink them, scan them in and create notebook covers.

It’s a pretty basic way to work but I don’t do computer design – everything I make, prints included, are sketched, planned and drawn using pencil on paper.

This is the sketch for my 'A life at sea' notebook, which has a sailing ship on the front.

Detail of the back cover - you can see that the ship's frontpiece (the woman's face) once had a longer, less ski-jump nose.

The cover after scanning and printing.

I’ve sewn these notebooks up now and think they look really good. I’ve also made two other designs – one with retro roses and another called ‘strange family tree’, which has silhouettes of people’s heads, like old cameos, but also outlines of other family animals like pigs, dogs and birds.

I’ll launch all three notebooks to the world on Friday at Palmerston North’s ‘May the Fourth be with you‘ craft market and after that send them to stockists and put them for sale in my online shop.

If you like sailing ships as much as I do then you  might also like this and this.


3 Responses to A work in progress

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    This awesome style makes me think of that great book you sent me to read – Magpie Hall.

  2. […] week I wrote about a work in progress – a series of new notebooks that included my drawings.  Today I photographed my new notebooks […]

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