Friday list: 29 April 2012

  • Exercise Already done! The other day I found an iPhone app called Nexercise, which motivates you to exercise since that’s my main problem in life. So far, so good and if you sign up let me know so we can be virtual exercise buddies.
  • Tidy the verandah
  • Tidy around the back door
  • Work on some new notebook designs
  • Update my pencil menu for an upcoming craft fair in Palmerston North
  • Pack up pencils to take to the craft fair/check stock levels
  • Fill the firewood baskets
  • Go to the Craft Country shop to check in some new stock 
  • Have a massage – yay – I’ve been really stiff and sore lately
  • Cook dinner. The other day I bought paneer and Tom says since I bought it I have to cook it… some Googling is in order.

3 Responses to Friday list: 29 April 2012

  1. How does Nexercise motivate you? (Cattle prod app? lol.) No, it was a serious question….

    • tomandemma says:

      It shows you how your friends are doing and what they’re doing and gives you little medals. You can also carry your iPhone on walks (in a pocket) and it acts like a pedometer. And I wore it when I was doing wii fit and it tracked how long I’d worked out.

  2. Aah, motivating data! Nice. I downloaded a bunch of yoga podcasts – like a spoken yoga class – although it is kinda weird doing yoga to a disembodied voice!

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