Well we’re all in the mood for a melody

I’ve written before about music recommendations and how much I like them and now I’m in the mood for some more.

ES Design blog run Music Monday – a video at the start of each week of a song they like, which is a great way to hear new stuff. Here’s this week’s:

When I lived in the halls of residence at University my friend Chris introduced me to this song, which he said he wanted to, “listen to in the arms of his lover.”

In fourth year someone’s sister left a John Cale CD at our flat and I found this song, which grates some people and makes them ask you to change the CD if they’re visiting.

It helps if you know a music reviewer because when you ask for a recommendation they give you something you’ll like, rather than something they’ve liked; it’s a subtle but important difference.

I also recommend being friends with people older than you. They’re generally less whiny and also give you a far wider range of music, like this:

Let’s have it then – what are your latest music recommendations? Please God no Bjork or Bon Iver…


9 Responses to Well we’re all in the mood for a melody

  1. As someone who has recommended both Bjork and Bon Iver to you in the past – I think I’ll keep my latest music discoveries to myself. lol!

  2. BabyVessel says:

    What about a Bjork/Bon Iver mashup?

  3. Thanks for the introduction to some great new music Emma!

  4. Pamsy says:

    Richard Hawley – yes. I like his “For your lover give some time”, which I heard through RNZ some time ago. I find good stuff on Radio Active sometimes, if I can get to Shazam in time. Old but good, anything by Jackson Browne, or The Blue Nile. For sublime classical choral otherness try The Sixteen, them singing contemporary stuff by James MacMillan is amazing.

  5. alaha says:

    Loving Beirut and James Blake at the moment. Also was listening to King of Carrot Flowers by Neutral Milk Hotel quite a bit recently until Anahera (4 yrs old) asked me “Why did Mummy stick a fork into Daddy’s shoulder?” Ahh…..ummmmm…. I had no idea she was paying attention to the lyrics. Doh. x

  6. Toni says:

    I wish I knew a music reviewer, I don’t know anything about music! big fan of the velvet underground though. my rec today would be fever ray, ‘seven’ I think is cool, and ‘days’ by the drums.

  7. suminhorto says:

    Don’t judge me too much. But I’m rather fond of this D’Angelo video (and song, of course): http://vimeo.com/18072467

  8. Rog. says:

    Goodnes Emma! I certianly hope thats not Jiohn Cale as in JJ Cale.!!!!

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