Kiwibank does it right and I write a blog post about it

About 20,000 people travel through the Wellington Railway Station each day, Tom and I included, so it’s a first stop for many PR and marketing companies when they want to get their messages to a wide audience.

As a regular commuter I get sick of having pamphlets thrust at me and charities giving me insincerely enthusiastic greetings: I just want to get to work.

It was a nice change this morning to see an example of a business being creative and doing something fun to get people talking rather than just begging for us to like them.

I knew coming into Wellington (via Twitter) that Kiwibank were at the station as part of their ten-years celebration, thanking people by handing out free papers and cards and that they had acrobats. So far, so normal.

Tom and I walked through the station and headed to Mojo Featherston Street for coffee. After Tom had ordered, a Kiwibank person stepped out of nowhere and said, “hey I’ve got this” and paid for us.

THAT is how you get people talking about you: inventive, novel acts that focus on your customer, not on you. Apparently they also paid for bus fares around the city too.

Other interesting stuff from around the internet recently:
If you’re wanting to get people talking about you using social media then I recommend reading this.

Truely bizarre black and white photos.

Wellington Tourism’s Cable Chase game – I am USELESS but it’s fun!

And courtesy of Hungover Alan on Twitter: “Name your iPod ‘Titanic’, plug it into the computer, “Titanic is syncing”, press cancel, feel like a hero.”


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