Attack of The Blob

This weekend I was replaced by a blob; I don’t often do nothing but I ate breakfast in bed, spent most of the day on the couch yesterday, watched way too much TV and had a great time.

Tom and I had a movie marathon yesterday (we decided four was a marathon – three was just a triple feature), watching The Breakfast Club (first time for me), Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (great), Crazy Stupid Love (really funny) and Scream 4 (stupid but fun). We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and pizza for dinner.

Today I stayed in bed until noon reading (that never happens) – getting up only to cook myself pancakes, bacon and maple syrup before returning to bed to finish my book The Man from Primrose Lane (review coming soon).

Most weekends I spend crafting or doing other things so to spend an entire weekend being checked out of responsibility was fantastic. I highly recommend it.


2 Responses to Attack of The Blob

  1. That sounds divine! x H

  2. […] she is my resting mentor, lol. See a recent ‘blob’-post where she talks about resting HERE. Every time I see a photograph of myself lately, I look so tired! I’d like that to […]

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