Gather Ye Walnuts While Ye May

When the car starts making a pop pop noise as we round the driveaway corner to the garage then it’s time to gather the walnuts. Every Autumn I put on my gumboots, hunch over like The Gleaners and roam around the driveway and back yard with a bucket.

Walnut gathering clothes: purple needlecord skirt and redband gumboots. Our grass is BRIGHT green at the moment - it's quite unreal.

As I was working my way along the fence line I remembered that when Lynn was here she’d pointed out there was as grapevine growing over our side. A nice haul of free range grapes was a super find.

A haul of homegrown grapes

This year's haul all up was about 3/4 of a bucket (this photo was near the start of gathering).

The next job is to dry them out then use them – this is a great way to do that.

3 Responses to Gather Ye Walnuts While Ye May

  1. ana b. says:

    OooO! We’ve got some kind of blogpost serendipity going on. You’re gathering walnuts, I’m foraging blackberries. This is wonderful, Emma. And yes, it’s a joy to have an excuse to get into gumboots again 🙂 They make me feel very outdoorsy!

  2. […] you could do this winter is plant a walnut tree (if you’ve got the space). We’ve got one in our backyard and while I knew there was a walnut tree when we bought the house I don’t think I connected […]

  3. […] Hunt in the garden for the grapes I found last year […]

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