Friday list: 30 March 2012

I’ve woken up with a light cover of muscle pain from a rather challenging but rewarding lunchtime yoga class yesterday. Luckily today isn’t very strenuous…

  • Make coffee (currently doing that)
  • Pack up projects
  • Craft Country shop duty from 10am-3pm where I will…
  • Create a new Easter window display (I’ve already made a giant 2D fabric Easter egg)
  • Rearrange and tidy and shop
  • Add some darts of extra lining into the side of my new winter coat
  • Cut out some fabric for new lunch bags – we’re having a shopping night at the shop on 12 April so I want to have some new things available
  • Read my book Before I Go To Sleep – it’s the Listener Book Club book for March but before now I’ve been reading Freedom
  • Write some letters
  • Package orders to post
  • Then home to wash the dishes
  • Maybe nap
  • Make dinner
  • Watch Graham Norton because John Cusack is on


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