An update on my podcast listening

This year I decided I’d like to find three new podcasts to listen to. After I blogged about it I got lots of suggestions;  I thought it was worth letting you know what’s hot and what’s not.

HOT – things I always listen to and look forward to
Slate’s Culture Gabfest  – my best recommendation, which came from Sarah Laing. My only gripe is that one of the girls talks SO fast I have to repeatedly check that my iPod hasn’t set itself to double speed.

The Guardian Books Podcast – I listened to this once while I was working in the Craft Country shop then the next week the South African author I’d heard spoke at Webstock. Mindblowing.

New Yorker Fiction – super great stories once a month.

ALRIGHT – the podcasts I listen to but only once I’ve listened to better stuff

Definitely Not the Opera – similar to This American Life in that it discusses issues from a range of points of view although the host is a little annoying.

Front Row Weekly

NOT – things that didn’t strike a chord so got deleted from my playlist

This Week in Tech – I found the presenters annoying and couldn’t get past that.

Sounds Historical

Jillian Michaels’ podcast – way too wittery and not in an interesting way

I tried to listen to everything as least twice to give it a fair run and know I listened to more than these but can’t remember the titles of the ones I didn’t like.


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