The art of stamping

When I went to Palmerston North recently, David Merritt was the poet in residence. He stamps his poems out then makes them into books using recycled Readers Digest covers (the leftover pages go into his garden as compost).

You can find him at the Whanganui markets sometimes (I saw a photo of him there on Facebook) and can probably locate him through the Library.

I loved his stamped work and he was a friendly, interesting guy to unexpectedly find in the library – great work Helen who organised the residency event.

Readers Digest covers

I really love this box of stamps

David's poetry books

When I was at Art School I had a very short-lived enterprise selling stamps. I found an old printers tray filled with lead type and sold off alphabet sets at a rapid pace.

I really need to get out my Featherston stamp and do some more envelopes too. It’s quite soothing repeatedly stamping while watching bad television.

2 Responses to The art of stamping

  1. txtilegrl says:

    I love Davids books, and covet his box of stamps. I bought one of his books ( so hard to make a choice ), when he was randomly in Dunedin .

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