Friday list: 23 March 2012

Lynn, my friend from Art School has come to stay so she “can be on the Friday list.”

Last night we went down to the Royal Hotel in Featherston (our local) because the op-shop had a fashion parade where the models were the Miss Teen Wairarapa contestants. It was fantastic! We met a woman there who was just passing through but loved the experience as much as we did.

Here’s what we’re doing today:

  • Breakfast at Cornucopia in Featherston
  • Seeing the Craft Country shop
  • Featherston op-shopping
  • Putting together an Emma Makes order
  • Maybe doing some gelatine printing
  • Heading over for op-shopping at Upper Hutt
  • Taking Lynn to the train so she can get back to Archives in Wellington for more research time
  • Getting a float for Big Day Dowse
  • Making nachos for dinner

Lynn also has her own blog where she writes about her art.

Lynn adds her chalk mark to our board room blackboard

3 Responses to Friday list: 23 March 2012

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    Was fun pretending to be a school teacher with chalky digits again! What an amazing time I had – thank you Emma (and Tom too) – we fitted so much in yet it didn’t feel rushed. Had to post some of my op shopping stash home – saw many heavy old books I wanted but had to resist. (But most impressive was Emma’s couch score.) Have put on a kilogram from trying out so many nice places to eat in Wellington. Loved staying out in Featherston.

  2. lynnjtaylor says:

    Thanks – do! I’m sure it will be a great night. Found my twitter account too.!/lynntaylorart

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