Rabbit and wolf go to Whanganui

For at least the last year – if not two – Helen and I have planned to take a day trip to Whanganui to see the artists’ open studios.

This year we put on our animal tops (me: rabbit, her: wolf) and headed off. We decided to both blog the experience – I have no idea what Helen is writing but you can read it on her blog.

My rabbit top is from Thrive in Martinborough

Helen's top is from Coin Save in Palmerston North and glows in the dark.

If you’re going on a road trip go with a Virgo because we’re organised and being organised is better. I drove while Helen made a list of places to visit (we picked five and filled in time with op-shopping and eating). Helen also ordered the places so it didn’t involve doubling back.

Maseyk Pottery

Maseyk Pottery was a great first stop – we were waiting on the doorstep when Paul Maseyk opened his door. His work is earthy, he uses beautiful glazes and his painting has a sense of humour.

He was one of my favourite stops, along with painter and printmaker Rachael Garland who lives on top of a hill in a great old house and paints teacups and dresses and strange animals.

We also saw other potters, a collective of makers and Catherine Macdonald’s very beautiful studio in an old hall.

Save Mart Wanganui is always worth a stop for retro dresses and fabrics. It's nothing like the motherload it was ten years ago but there's always treasure to be found.

Mattress fabric - Family store, Whanganui

Blankets at Save Mart

If you’re heading to Whanganui, go to Cherry Cottage Cupcakes – the best I’ve ever had. Cherry Cottage is a cupcake shop in the middle of a suburban street; it’s open both Saturday and Sunday and you’ll find the freshest most delicious cupcakes ever. AND each cupcake is only $2.50 so you can afford to get a few. Helen and I scoffed ours outside in the sun.

I love the buildings of Whanganui - this is a Freemans building in Gonville.

Mattress vs wall in the Mission op-shop

We walked down by the river and smelt kids in a car smoking marijuana. We sat in the rocking chairs outside the iSite cafe and drank peppermint tea…

We returned home to a warm garlic-filled house; Helen's husband Fraser had made fantastic pizza. The perfect end to a perfect day.

4 Responses to Rabbit and wolf go to Whanganui

  1. Sorry mine was late – we slept in! Fantastic post – I loved seeing your take on the day. BEST DAY EVER! xxx Helen XX

  2. […] similar or different our takes on the day were. You can read Emma’s great post about the day HERE. Also, she has links on her page – which I was too lazy to do! […]

    • Rachael Garland says:

      Hi 🙂 really thrilled you enjoyed your visit! Was so awesome to meet you both, glad you came along.
      Cheers, Rachael Garland 🙂

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