Scenes from a Wairarapa weekend

The Featherston mini train festival - great stalls, brilliant weather and fantastic music. Mum and I scoffed a festival lunch (me: egg burger, her: sausage in bread) while watching the locals.

There's a house near ours that often has free veges outside. I'm looking forward to finding something in there for me one day.

The giant panda hot air balloon is inflated at the Masterton Night Glow, Saturday 10 March 2012. There was a light wind that had it falling left and right in a cheery, menacing manner.

A glowing hot air balloon through the trees at the Masterton Night Glow.

Balloons at the Masterton Night Glow

Everyone loves a carny clown. Mum and I were both useless but each went home with a 'designed in France made in China' ceramic ladle.


2 Responses to Scenes from a Wairarapa weekend

  1. Michelle says:

    The balloons look beautiful! That clown game was my first ever job at Westshore beach in Napier 🙂 I was 15 and I made $12 an hour back in 1985. Love your blog Emma 🙂

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