Friday list: 2 March 2012

Lots of people tell me they really love reading my Friday lists so I do feel bad for them today because this one’s kind of dull….

  • Tidy the kitchen – we’ve had a really busy week (lots of coming home on the late train) so my dishes washing is not entirely up to date
  • Bring the kindling inside – it got left out in the rain and last night we had our first fire of 2012
  • Craft Country shop duty from 10am-3pm where I will…
  • sew up the multiples of my new wool pixie bags (I pinned them together during the week)
  • sew together a new bag I started making earlier in the week
  • cut out a prototype of a new purse
  • Read some more of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen that I’m really enjoying
  • Then come home and make up the spare bed for Mum’s visit next Friday. I’ve got some really nice new vintage pillowcases for the bed – freshly laundered and ironed
  • Make dinner – NO IDEAS – but something will emerge from the fridge/freezer
  • Tidy the lounge


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