Recent op-shop finds

Some of my favourite blog posts are when people write about what they’ve found at the op-shop lately. Helen and Tinker are both great for that.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s some things I’ve found lately.

I can't pass roses. And I love the detailed illustration teamed with sparse colouring here.

Always good to find some cross-hatching

Cotton sheet - I know, I know, I'm using the fabric stash up this year but this was really good.

Brown roman sandals in my size! Pretty much new. My current brown romans have holes right the way through but I couldn't bear to through them out.

P.S. Remember this epic op-shopping day? That shop closed after my last visit… so sad.

3 Responses to Recent op-shop finds

  1. Oh nice scores and always a happy day to find a pair of romans at the op-shop! Us roman-sandal lovers are a special bunch – a woman bought two pairs of children’s blue romans (W’s old ones) at our garage sale and she was so happy to find them, she did a little dance.

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks for the mention, Emma! Feeling like my finds have been a bit sparse lately but my partner would say that’s a good thing… Off to a couple of oppies after work tomorrow – yay!
    PS. I LOVE cross hatching too. Crown Lynn “Regal Rose” is my fave

  3. Vincent says:

    love these sandals

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