This weekend Tom stacked the firewood – I’ve been banned from the task since my wood stacking once fell over and almost took me out. I’m really not sad about that.

I love the look of stacked wood – it makes me nostalgic for fires and pinecones and bowls of soup on winter nights. And it seems sort of Little House of the Prairie to  save stacks of wood ready for colder, harder times.

Our winter wood - there's more in the garage too.

Our winter wood

Firewood image from Pinterest

From 'Maddie on Things'

2 Responses to Stacked

  1. Susan. says:

    Those are very tidy stacks and isn’t it so satisfying… we have put down 3 cords in our shed so far ( I think of it like bottling fruit) but it was so cold here in Nelson last winter that we are thinking of getting another cord.

    • tomandemma says:

      We’ve got more to get too Susan – it’s a fine balance working out how much wood you’ll need. It was really chilly here last night and most years we end up scrapping the last bits together for a December fire when we’re hit with a freak cold night.

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