(My friends are gonna be) strangers

Quite often people ask me if I’m going to stay in Featherston. I plan to live in Featherston forever. Tom and I are going to live in the same house. And when we die we’re doing to be buried in the Featherston cemetery that the train passes every day.

I find nomadic people quite strange. Who would want to move all the time? Yet this year lots of my friends are doing just that: Abby has left for Scotland, Chelsea is leaving for Melbourne and Natalie left Featherston for Wellington.

As usual, Merle has this covered:

I’m not a very social person – I prefer crafting to partying – but really enjoy spending time with my friends and although email and Facebook is great it’s not the same as face time.

This year to increase my social time I’ve been spending some Tuesday evenings* at Craft 2.0’s Craft Up. It’s an informal event held in a bar that serves cherry cocktails (bonus) where people are encouraged to socialise and craft at the same time (double bonus).


Come along** – it’s fun, you can catch the train home afterwards (I always dash off early) and it’s a great way to meet new people that like to make stuff.

*Tragically, I wrote this blog post last Tuesday then got a text to say that people weren’t doing Craft Up that night so I went home alone. Cue loser music.

** I’m not going tonight but email me when you are and we can go together if you like.


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