Monday list: 21 February 2012

I was at Webstock (conference) on Friday so get a day off work today instead. Handy since the weekend was spent at a family wedding in Christchurch and I’ve got stuff to do.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Organising some advertising for Emma Makes
  • Heading over to Upper Hutt to sort out a weeks long debacle about manila card. Yes, my life really is that thrilling.
  • Going to Briscoes to scope out the rubbish bin situation.
  • Hitting a couple of op-shops.
  • Doing the weekly grocery shop.
  • Coming home, making notebooks (with manila card).
  • Making up a couple of pixie bags so I can take them to my photographer tomorrow
  • Packing up some prints to take to my photographer
  • Hopefully getting time to read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (I’m about four pages in and it’s great)
  • Cooking roast chicken for dinner.


One Response to Monday list: 21 February 2012

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Minus any cardboard debacles, this sounds like a fairly awesome day. I have slight day-envy! (And serious roast chicken envy, I should have taken a chook out of the freezer last night, darnit!)

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